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Best Wedding Website Builder to create a top-notch website!

How to create a wedding website

If you're looking to create your own wedding website for free, don't hestate to try out 8b Website Builder. It will definitely help you build one even if you have no web design expertise nor much budget for your project. Here are some steps that you need to go through to get your wedding website up and running fast and quickly.


The very first thing you need to do is sign up on the homepage of the best wedding website builder. You can do it right off by clicking on the Create Free Website on the top right corver of the page or you can first pick the Wedding template, name your site and then move on creating your wedding website.


You will get access to a bunch of features: edit your wedding website visually by typing your text, inserting your images, changing colors and more; use parameters of sections that allow you to work on aligns, paddings, backgrounds etc.


Once your wedding website is created, you can publish your website: you can preview your website before publishing to see how it's going to look on various devices, publish your website to * and connect your site to your own domain with ease.

Create wedding website now

It's easy to create free wedding website with the 8b Best Wedding website Builder. Click on the button below to start.

Wedding website tips

Wondering how to create wedding website that can inspire everyone? Here are some tips you can use while building your wedding website using 8b — the best wedding website builder.

More pictures of yourself

People love pictures of people. In your case, your site guests would love to see more images of you. Don't hesitate to put your images of you and your partner from your best daily moments and pre-wedding photo shoot sessions. 8b Best Website Builder for Wedding website lets you import and input your pictures in regular sections, backgrounds, image galleries and slideshows.

Use your color scheme

Don't stuff you website with too many colors that don't match each other and don't fit in your website's color scheme so that your website looks over-designed and ridiculous. Stick with your own color theme and palette. Pick a few colors you like that will suit a wedding website, for example, use light-beige for backgrounds, soft-black for the text, pink for icons, dividers or other elements. Consider pastel colors that please visitors' eyes creating a nice wedding atmosphere. 

Simple, short and sweet

Do not write long-read stories about how you met, love poems and things like that. Keep it simple, short and sweet. Focus more on the design of your wedding website, your pictures, events, timelines and other wedding information that your site viewer needs to know about.

Wedding website sections

Here are the blocks you need to create a stunning and captivating wedding website.


8b as the best wedding website builder offers a header section where website visitors see images and short background stories of each bride and groom.


The countdown section can show your site audience in live time how long they need to wait for the wedding beginning. You can change the date, colors, background images like you want.


Simple and eye-catching wedding gallery with a lightbox is a great way of showing your wedding pictures. Your wedding guests will be excited to see more pictures of you in expectation of the upcomming wedding day.


Online RSVP is a great chance to get feedback from your wedding guests. The RSVP is powered by 8b and processed by Formoid servers, so you won't have to set up PHP files and databases to run your own RSVP form.

Video tutorial

Watch the video to learn how to create a wedding website using 8b!

Other templates

Here you will find other website templates that might suit you.

Start For Free

Make your first website using 8b Best Wedding Website Builder und you will be fascinated by how simple and amazing it is to work with.
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User: Hi,
Thanks for the best wedding website builder!
I'm facing problems on the following issues:
creating responsive Menus in both single page website, or multipage website. I can easily drag the Menus from the right side and place it on the top of the page, but failed to:
link those to the particular sections of my site I intend to; or
link them to other pages of the site which open on a separate window.
Kindly guide me properly to come out of this trouble.
Thanks and Regards.

8b Team: Hi,
Please provide more information and related screenshots so we could help you to resolve your problem.
What exactly do you want to do?
Check this tutorial, too 

User:  Dear Madam/Sir,
I have transferred my wedding website from 8b to my domain name.
But I would like to have a www. at the beginning of my URL i.e. I want to have my website as
I contacted with the domain and hosting server team and they told me that I need to be in contact with the 8b team to have www. in the beginning of my website (without changing the current nameservers.)
Could you please help me in this regard?
Many thanks

8b Team: Hi,
WWW format isn't provided currently in 8b builder.
But it is added on our TODO list and perhaps will be implemented in the future.

User: Thank you for your reply but your suggestions have not fixed my problems. I have built many sites on Wordpress so understand the save, publish function.
I have published the site many times in an effort to produce an accurate website and I have watched all your videos and read all your FAQ's
Would you please look at the following problems
Page = Online Course, section 6, text on builder is purple, text on website is green
Page = Workshops, section 1, text is white and purple with icon, text on website is pink with no icon
Page = Workshops, section 2, text on builder is purple, text on website is black and wrong size font
Page = Workshops, page background on builder is black, background on website is white
Page = Workshops, many images on builder do not appear on website

8b Team: Try to logo out/log in, re-add the required blocks, play with the fonts style and color and check if the problem persists.
Also, could you please start a test problem and check if there is the same problem there?

User: My website builder pages are not displaying correctly on the actual website. How do I save the changes I make and why have some images dropped out the next time I open the site? Why does some text on the website appear in a different colour and/or a different size font than I have on the builder page? So how do I ensure all changes as are saved?
I loved your site initially but am losing confidence rather quickly. Hopefully you can supply some answers.
Thank you for the best website builder for wedding websites! 

8b Team: Try to clean the cache of your browser.
If it won't help then try to publish your site once again.
Check this tutorial.

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