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How to create small business website

There are lots of ways of how to create a business website, but what is the easiest and most effective one
8b the best free website builder for small business offers a bunch of options for you build a simple yet attractive website for your own small business without programming skills at no cost! Here are just 3 simple to follow steps of creating an awesome website using 8b:


To start using 8b the free website builder for small business, you have to go through a registration: choose a template for your future website or just click on Create Free Website and you will get to a page where you can quickly sign up with your email address, Facebook or Google accounts.


Designing websites with 8b is a real pleasure! You just drag and drop sections on to your page, type your own titles and other text, change pictures, manage fonts and colors and much more: there is a total creative freedom you will definitely enjoy!


Put your website on the web in one click: click on the Publish button and your website is already online. 8b websites are SSL-protected and have their own domains like * But you can change your domain name to one of your own ones anytime!

Create small business website now

Don't hesitate to try out 8b the best website builder for small business. The awesome templates and useful features are offered for free!

Small business website tips

With 8b, you have all chances to create a small business website that captivates anyone, but how to do that properly? Read these simple tips that will help you while working on your website using 8b Website Builder.

Smart design

Manage your website's styles, so the website looks promising and eye-catching. In Site Styles, there are options to change the fonts and colors. Follow your chosen color scheme you can also manage in site styles and directly on your web pages.
Don't forget to think through the strukture of your website depending on your goals: if you sell things, create more buttons that lead to your offer page or section, write the content and insert images and videos that are valuable to your potential clients.

Use Agency sections

8b gives you access to 18 ready-made themes you can edit and manage the way you want. Moreover, there are some sections that works globally for each theme. You can use the Agency template that offers enough business-related sections you can build a great website for small business with: simple headers with titles and buttons, latest news, subscription forms, our team, partners, testimonials, pricing tables, contact forms and much more. The best website builder for small business lets you edit these sections visually with no coding skills required!

Small business website sections

Use these sections of the easy website builder for small business.


8b provides you with several header templates: header with a backgroud image and a color overlay, headers with backgroud colors and so on. You can edit headers with ease using the inline editor and parameters.

Latest News

Latest News sections are cards that have images, titles, descriptions and Read More buttons. This section is the great fit if you want to have simple news, blog or features sections. You can redesign each and every detail of your news with ease.

Our Team

Every business has its faces standing behind it. Introduce your team members by using the Our Team section: replace the images with one click, change the names, bios, and social media links and your Team sectin is ready!

Pricing Table

In case you sell products and services, you need to show your customers that are your prices. Pricing tables offered by 8b the best website builder for small business is the best opportunity to do that!

Video tutorial

Watch the video to learn how to create a small business website using 8b!

Other templates

Here you will find other website templates that you'll like!

Start For Free

Make your first website using 8b Best DIY Website Builder for Small Business und you will be fascinated by how simple and amazing it is to work with.
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User: I need to use a logo image in the heading. Selecting it from my PC appears to work and the 8B clock cucles in the icon area as if something is being loaded but then it reverts to the default image. Am I missing something?

8b Team: Could you send your image?
Do you have blank spaces in image file name?

User:  Hello,
I exported my site to local and running the index page, then I found it can't be installed as PWA through chrome: the install option is missing.
Is there a way to get it back? Need your help.
Thanks and regards.

8b Team: Hi!
We're currently working on this PWA problem, and hope to fix it soon. 

User: Dear Support Team at 8b
I am really enjoying using your website builder. It is really easy to use, and intuitive. I do not have a programming background, and it is great to be able to create a website!
There is one element that I would really love to incorporate into the website that I am building, which is a for an album launch of a music project, at the non-profit organisation that I currently work at, based in South Africa. I would really love to be able to have a section on the main home page called ‘Artists’, with all the artists in a grid form – almost like the ‘portfolio’ element block - but where each artist (there are 20 currently) has a photo, which can ‘flip’ over when you hover on it or click on it to reveal further artist bio information.
Thank you very much for your help.

8b Team: Hi!
Thanks for the suggestion.
Your hover flip is not a good idea since it will not work on mobiles - no hover event.
I suggest to use a simple Features block with images of artists and bio below.

User: Hello,
The website I’m working on looks great in the builder but nothing like it in any browser once it’s published
...I have tried Chrome, Internet Explorer, and safari. All look quite awful and distorted.
What can I do to fix this?

8b Team: Hi!
Please send a link to your site.
Don't forget to full refresh your browser by CTRL+F5 when view.

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