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How to create music website

Now any business owns an online website. Music bands, song writers, singers and other musicians are no exception. Here is a simple guide on how to create a music website without spending much time and money! Start using the best website builder for musicians right now!


First of all, you need to get to know what 8b is. You can play around with it for free, but you have to register first. Click on the Create Free Website button on the official page, start with the template on or just click on the button below.


Once you've registered your account, you can start creating websites. Pick the Music theme and you will see a lot of sections that help you make a music website! You can edit and modify these sections the way you want and you don't have to have any special tech skills to do that!


The website is ready to go live and you start thinking about how to publish it as easily as possible. 8b the best website builder for musicians got a solution for you: just click the Publish button and your website is gone online in a second! This way your website will be available on the * domain, but you can quickly connect your own domain!

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Don't hesitate and give 8b the best website builder for musicians a try! You won't be disappointed at all! Click on the button below to start.

Music website tips

Here you will find some good tips and advices on how to create a good looking and efficient website for musicians.

Create a visual brand

Your website should represent you and your band. Depending on the genre of music, your target audience, your lyrics and others, you need to create a website that fully matches the spirit of your band: change the colors of your website, backgrounds, the logo of your website, put more pictures made in the recording studio or on your concerts.

Embed more media

Your listeners would like to know you better, so you need to give them this chance. Insert more pictures of you and your band using the Features and Gallery sections, embed videos of your concerts and performances, and the most important part, place the list of your songs using sections with SoundCloud integration!

Update your site

Constantly refresh your website, your site guests have to see that your website is always up-to-date: announce new releases, add more songs in the playlists, embed more videos, update your galleries, pictures, concert dates and other info your listeners need to know.

Music website sections

You will find these awesome sections right in your Music theme:

Band Members

The Band Members section is a good choice in case you want to show your site guests your team or yourself. It consists of the text part including name and bio of the musician and the second part with a photo of your band members.

Latest Release

This sections allows you to embed audios from your SoundCloud. You can put a list of your songs so your site visitors will get to know more about you and your work. You will have a great background with a picture of your album!

Latest Video

If you have your music clips or other videos you'd like to show to your site audience, this section will be the right match for you. Embed a YouTube video with no effort and your guests will definitely be more excited about your work!

Last Concert

Last Concert is a list of pictures or an image gallery where you can easily show where your concerts have been and are going to be. Capture the best moments of your music band and put them right into this section!

Video tutorial

Watch the video to learn how to create a music website using 8b!

Other templates

If you'd like to create another type of website you're welcome to check out the templates below.

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User:  Hi, I wonder if you can help me with this issue. My website on this platform, is blocked on Facebook and all social platforms owned by them. Yet on other platforms I dont have this problem.

8b Team: I recommend you to contact their support - Facebook and others who blocked your website - and ask them what's wrong?
Perhaps, it is related to the contact form somehow - they could determine your site as a suspicious one, or a phishing site. Notice please, that if your site will have a password field on the page and it will be published on the hosting, it will be blocked instantly as a phishing website.
Also, check the attached screenshot - your website isn't validated as AMP.
Did you add some additional tags to the code by yourself?
I recommend you to install the AMP validator plugin to your browser and check these problems, too.

User:  i have developed a website in online by using you . now i want to export from online site and import that site content to ur desktop software for further development . so is it possible ? if Yes - how i will do this?

8b Team: You can download zip of the website from the Site settings window.
Check this tutorial, please.

User: Hi!
When saving the pages, it gives an error and writes that: "error to save file indexfont style=vertical-align inheritfont style=vertical-align inherit.htmlfontfont

8b Team: Hi,
When exactly did you receive this error message?
What actions did you perform before this error occurred?
Send a screenshot of this error message, as well.
Please try to log out and log in again into the 8b account.
Contact me if the problem persists.

User: Hello from Canada, I have never built a website before. I only want
one home page that I can link to my facebook page. I have looked at
your templates and they are all too complex for what I want. I only
want one page and I don't know what template to choose or if you have
a template for such a purpose. Please let me know.
Thank you

8b Team: Hi,
Start a new site and choose the most suitable theme from the list.
Check these tutorials, too. 

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