How to create photography website

Need to create a photography website with minimum expenses and coding knowledge? You can use 8b that is known as the best website builder for photographers out there! Give it a try and start working on your website right now, you won't be disappointed!


If you decided to build your own website, you need to register first: choose one of the templates offered in the list of the form or just scroll down to pick the template you like. You can also tap on Create Free Website to start off creating websites. The signup process is easy as that!


Now you've got your template and you can start editing it: drag and drop sections from the right panel, modify them visually using inline parameters or the settings panel, manage styles of your website, add pages and more.


Now you website is ready. You can publish it right away: click on Publish and your website will be online in a second. You can also preview your website and check whether or not everything looks alright on both Desktop and mobile devices.

Create photography website now

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Photo website tips

If you don't know how to make a photography website work effectively, you can just follow some easy tips.

Choose your best photos

Before you start creating your photography website, think about what kind of photos you need to place on it. Take your best work and place it higher on the page so that your site guests see your best shots first. Don't forget to make it easy to navigate through the photos: you can put some categories into the navigation bar, create some tabs if you use a gallery section.

Customer feedback

If you already have some customers that are satisfied and happy with your photos, let them leave a honest review on your page. 8b offers you multiple choices for testimonials. Having positive reviews helps you skyrocket your trust score and your new clients will definitely be more happy choose you as a professional photographer rather than another photographer without any feedback from his/her clients. You can also have a comment box on your pages if you want to.

Social media

Link your page to your social media pages and vice versa. This will help you to gain more traffic on your website and your clients to get in touch with you quickly and conveniently. It will also help you grow your customer community in a more effective way. 

Photo website sections

Here are the blocks you need to create a stunning and captivating wedding website.


There is a bunch of header templates to start your pages with. You can have a background with an image and color overlay or just choose simple color background with titles and buttons as you wish.

Latest Photos

Latest Photos is a cards section where you can show your works in a visual way. Each image has a title and description that are managable via section settings. You can replace the photos in a sinle click.


8b Best Website Builder for Photographers offers several gallery templates that have a grid and lightboxes that pop up when click on a picture. It's very easy to modify the gallery section just using section parameters.


Pricing tables are the most important section when it comes to selling photos or photography services. You can choose of available templates. Each template has buttons, price badges, features and more.

Video tutorial

Watch the video to learn how to create photography website using 8b!

Other templates

If you'd like to create another type of website you're welcome to check out the templates below.

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User: Cheers support at 8b,
I am planning to see how this works but right off there is an issue!
I selected a name for an agency style website.
But I already have the domain name and there was no choice given
to select my domain?
I have my name and have had this for several months and no site
has ever been built using it.
So of course I desire to utilize this domain name for my new 8b site.
How can I accomplish this?
Thank you

8b Team: Thank you for your interest in our product.
You should be able to set up your own domain name.
Please, check this tutorial.

User:  Hello there, thank you for getting in touch.
Please let me ask again before I start creating a website.
If I Export the site (.zip file), it means I can upload it to my own server, using my own domain and hosting, separate from b8, is that correct?
Thank you once again

8b Team: Hello,
Yes, that is correct. 

User: Hello! I did not find the "undo action" button. Yesterday I accidentally deleted the text and could not restore it by pressing such a button. Is she, or is she not? It also fails to make the text in the right place highlighted (bold, thick letters). I could not understand the logic of the appearance of the button "B", which makes thick letters (bold type). 

8b Team: To reverse your last action, press CTRL+Z. To reverse your last Undo, pressCTRL+Y.
You should select the text you want ho bold first.
We added your request for Undo and Redo to our TODO list.
Thank you for the feedback!

User: Hello team, awesome service guys. I'd like to know how I can back up my site? When I click on export site to download the zip file this doesn't work, I'm using a MacBook, should this matter? Is there another method?

8b Team: Check this link
Try to log out/log in and download it from another browser. Do you have any error messages?

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