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What is 8b?

8b is a free and simple online website builder that lets anyone create fast, mobile-optimized and Google-friendly websites in minutes.

For whom? 

8b perfectly suits people with no programming knowledge, but wanting to have an effective web presence.


Easy, no coding site creation. Modern and beautiful templates. Unlimited hosting, domain, SSL, Google AMP, SEO, PWA, site export.

Create a website in 3 steps

Choose a template

8b offers a lot of beautiful templates based on popular topics. Choose one to start creating your website.

Edit your website

Edit and style your website the way you want. Flexible settings make web design easy for even the most novice.

Publish easily

Quickly publish your website, connect domain and submit to Google. Get your website online in a few clicks!

Easy and Simple

User-Friendly Interface

8b Simple Website Builder provides a lot of customization options in order to make your website look as uniquely as possible. Easily change texts, colors, replace images and videos, set your own backgrounds and much more.

Flexible App

Mobile Website Builder

Create your website on the go using your mobile phone or tablet. You can use 8b Easy Website Builder wherever you are - you just need the internet connection and your web browser.

Latest Trends

Modern Designs

You can make your website look modern without putting much effort. You will wow your website visitors with outstanding trends going around in the web design field.


Responsive Websites

Websites made with 8b fits the screen of the device it's viewed on. You don't need to do any manual tweaking to make your website responsive and mobile-ready whatever device your site visitor uses.

Website Security

HTTPS SSL Certificate

With 8b Easy Website Builder, you get SSL Certificate with HTTPS for your website automatically. There is no need to care about it, 8b got your website set up securely with no hassle at all.


Fast Google Ranking

Once your site is published, submit it to Google by one single click. Get higher ranking results because Google loves fast, secure, and mobile-ready websites like yours.

Custom URL

Connect Your Domain

Use your own subdomain name for * or connect your own domain name to your page with just one click.

App Design

PWA Support

Turn your website into a mobile or desktop app in one second using PWA support (Progressive Web Applications).

Site Translation

Multilingual Websites

Don't even think about creating multiple language versions of your website manually: 8b made it simple for you to make a multilingual website in no time.

Mobile Experience

Latest Google AMP

8b Website Builder uses the latest version of Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). It cares a lot about your website's mobile experience and performance improving the page load time.

Website Export

Download Your Site

Get all the files of your website by hitting the "Download ZIP" button. This enables you to manage your site files manually and upload them on whatever hosting you want.

Easy to Use

8b Simple Website Builder is based on the drag and drop approach. This means you just drop sections onto the canvas to work at it as conveniently as possible. Use side panel to add new blocks, edit and design existing ones by toggling options on/off, dragging sliders.

Lightning Fast

Your website built with 8b Easy Website Builder will load surprisingly fast because of its Google AMP basis. It improves user experience and thus increases your traffic and conversion for your website. With 8b you will no longer make your site visitors wait for the content to appear.

Free Website

8b Simple Website Builder is free for both commercial and non-profit use. Sign up to get a free access to all themes and user-friendly website editor to create something unique and beautiful without spending a single dollar.

Online Editor

8b is an online website builder what means you can use it on the go in a web browser having just your regular smartphone or tablet. Work on your website from wherever you want.

Google AMP

8b Easy Website Builder incorporates the cutting-edge Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). It's 100% mobile-friendly and ulta-fast making your website rank and perform as effectively as possible.

Unlimited Pages

Use this Simple Website Builder to create as many web pages and websites as you desire. With your account, you get unlimited high-performing storage and CDN.

Easy Website Builder

8b is free for both non-profit and commercial sites, create responsive sites in few minutes! Try now:

Start With Template

8b offers the latest themes and templates for you to design and generate your own unique websites as you wish. Click on a template you like to start creating your website!

Modern sections

Build your website section by section like you would build a lego house stone by stone and you know how exciting it is. Sections provided by 8b Website Builder are flexible and customizable so that you can shape just like anything out of them and make your web page look incomparable.

What experts say about 8b?

"Really cool to have this app in my personal list of designer tools. I've never seen a website builder that works as smoothly, fast and conveniently as this one!" 

"I like the way I can manage the appearance of my website when working with 8b Website Builder. It's incredibly easy to get a sleek and modern website up and running in no time!" 

"I know now why everyone is so excited about this app - it makes one get out of limits set by other tools and create something completely unique in the simplest manner!" 

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